Our Mission

Credit Africa Invest Plc is a Cameroonian-based category II microfinance that is breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering thousands to earn a stable healthy, income through dignified work. Our primary mission is to provide best financial solutions and experiences with a measurable impact on our clients’ businesses, using relevant technology and our people while adopting world best proven practices as our base.

CREA INVEST is determined to fight social and financial exclusion through self-employment and the creation of sustainable businesses. Our mission stems from the drive of seeing that financial inclusion becomes a reality and not just a myth.

Our products and services are specifically designed to respond to the financial needs of all our customers: from our payroll services for company employees, our company accounts for small, micro and large companies, our individual current accounts for individuals and businessmen, our fixed term deposit accounts, our student accounts, our mobile cashier (daily savings) to our start-up funding and project finance.