Company Accounts

Company (SARL, SA)/Association Account

Our current accounts are customized to suit a variety of customers who carryout regular financial transactions and are tailored to meet their needs particularly in today’s fast-moving world where financial transactions are the order of the day. These company accounts allow its holders to have full access to their accounts through mobile banking applications, SMS alerts, debit cards, all to ensure that customers always have access to your accounts wherever and whenever.

Our company or association accounts are specifically designed to meet the financial needs of enterprises, associations and trade unions in the informal or formal sector. These accounts procure the following:


  • Fast and secured deposits and withdrawals;
  • Reliable business transactions;
  • Accessibility to operational and investment loans;
  • Financing of contracts and supplies;
  • Personalised cheques
  • Overdraft facilities
  • Cheque clearing and discounting;
  • Attractive and Flexible interest rates
  • SMS alert
  • Flexible collateral options

Opening requirements

  • Photocopy ID Card of each account  signatory ;
  • 02 passport size photograph for each signatory ;
  • Tax payer’s card
  • Articles of association ;
  • Minutes/resolutions of meeting designating signatories ;
  • Attestation of non-indebtedness
  • Legalised location plan of business ;
  • Location plan of all signatories
  • Initial deposit as from 50 000FCFA (SARL), 100 000 (S.A)