Chairman of the Board of Directors BONY DASHACO

“Throughout my career as an entrepreneur, I have met many business leaders and professionals with great ideas and passion, however, little or no funds to finance these ideas.

Like pretty bubbles, lots of brilliant business initiatives fly so high and almost reach the sky, then, they fade and die. I firmly resonate with this assertion because in course of the years that I have navigated the tested oceans of entrepreneurship, I have come to appreciate the full implications of conceiving an entrepreneurial dream as well as the volume of challenges that are associated with ushering and nurturing the business to its fullness of life. This is even more compounded when you have to thrive as a business owner, without the right resources.

An entrepreneur is not just a do-it-yourselfer company founder; rather, he is an individual who may severally be described as; innovative, flexible, dynamic, risk-taking, creative, and growth-oriented. Among the lot, just a few are lucky to be born with some or all of these skills, but the bulk of us, need to develop them.

Beyond the set skills and abilities mentioned above, there is also the critical funding limitation that many entrepreneurs face especially in Africa. A whole lot of us never ever get the opportunity to access the necessary funding that we need, to bring our businesses to life – most especially that many of us are not born with ‘silver spoons in our mouths’.

Credit Africa Invest Plc is here to assist those who yearn for sustainable success in business and are willing to learn how to fly high as entrepreneurs will. CREA INVEST is here to help the African Society see their ambitions come to life. You have a dream? Make it a reality with your reliable source of funding-CREDIT AFRICA INVEST S.A”.