Credit Facilities

Our loan scheme is designed to accompany individuals and businesses attain their objectives. We are driven by our mission to create sustainable employment in Cameroon and assist the government in curbing unemployment and poverty. To achieve this, Credit Africa Invest supports young and talented entrepreneurs to bring their business ideas to maturity through project financing.

  • Business Loans
  • Business Overdraft
  • Salary Advance (Salary Overdrafts)
  • Investment Loans
  • Project Finance
  • Purchase order Finance
  • Public contract Finance
  • School Fee Loans
  • Discounting Bills/Cheques
  • Daily Savings Loans

Do you have a project within our enlisted sectors and are short of funds to get the project started? CREA-Start-up Biz loan serves as an ideal solution to such a need.

Get an unsecured/secured loan of between FCFA 250,000 and FCFA 2,500,000 repayable within a period of between 12 – 36 months simply based on your business idea and motivation to succeed.

  • Disbursed within 30 days from receipt of all requested documentation
  • Flexible interest rate (1.8-2.5)
  • Possibility of repayment during holidays
  • Loan granted based 80/20% on your business idea
  • Guarantor required but for loans above FCFA 500,000
  • Client’s initial contribution at 15% of total amount solicited


  • Must have opened a CREA Start-up Biz Account and Submitted an Executive Summary of your Business Concept clearly stating the capital expenditure and required working capital.
  • Your Concept must have been assessed and validated by our Strategic Small Business Start-up and Business Growth Partner.
  • You must have duly registered the business as a sole proprietorship or private limited company prior to submitting a loan request.
  • Submit a loan request in a CREA INVEST branch office closer to you
  • Must be enrolled in the CREA O-collect collection scheme.

Want to know more about our CREA Start-up Biz Account?
Click the button below to request for a call back from a dedicated Business Relationship Manager or login to your online platform to request for a Start-up Biz Loan.

Enlisted sectors

  • Commerce and sales
  • Communication (Call shops, Call Box etc.)
  • Buyam-Sellam
  • Grocery Shops
  • Farming and Agriculture
  • Distributions (All businesses except Perishable goods)
  • Retailing And wholesaling
  • Cosmetics
  • Documentation and Bookshops
  • Restaurants and food transformation services

Interested in our business loans and Overdrafts? Contact our relationship officer.