Our History

A category 2 micro finance that went fully operational in 2018 under the new COBAC regulation. CREA INVEST has its headquarters in Douala at Bonapriso and its commercial branches in Yaounde, Buea and Douala with plans of opening 3 more commercial branches in 2021 in other regions of the country.

Throughout its existence, CREA INVEST has succeeded in delivering quality services to its diverse customers who fall under all works of life and steadily paving its way to establish itself as the leader in customized and digitalized microfinance solutions. We’ve achieved differentiation, through good customer service performance, corporate branding and identity as well as product delivery system.

Our success is a combination of accuracy, knowledge and experience to satisfy and create value for our customers. Our services are tailored to meet the expectations of clients from all works of life. We are constantly coming up with new ideas and skills aimed at meeting every customers’ needs.

At credit Africa invest, we seek to better understand our clients’ demands and preferences and thus taking a market-led approach to our business. We are constantly researching and innovating in order to offer client-responsive and best quality services.