Block Deposit Account (CREA AVENIR PLUS)

We have a wide variety of bank accounts to suit the different needs of a wide range of customers. CREA AVENIR PLUS is specially designed for clients who desire to save a certain amount of money regularly for a certain period of time and earn a high interest rate. A fixed amount is deposited every month for a specific period and the total amount is repaid with interest at the end of the particular fixed period.

Earn up to 4% interest…

  • Interest is calculated and paid based on amount saved and the period of time
  • A contract is issued upon subscription
  • Minimum deposit initial deposit is 20,000FCFA
  • Minimum period is 6months ;
  • 4% interest rate at the end of contract.


  • Exceptionally high interest rate ;
  • Serves as a security for obtaining an overdraft or loan
  • Reliable, flexible and secured
  • Enables the financing of future projects
  • Very high yielding interest rates
  • Account can be closed before period maturity
  • Can be opened in a single or joint names

Opening Requirements

  • No Opening fee required
  • 02 coloured passport size photographs ;
  • Photocopy of Valid national Identity card ;
  • Initial deposit of 20,000 FCFA.
  • Interest rate : 4 %